Data Protection

We are part of the Scottish Court & Tribunals Service (SCTS). Under the data protection law you are entitled to obtain certain personal information that an organisation holds about you.

General information about the data protection principles and your rights can be found in the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service privacy notice.

In line with GDPR we have a responsibility to keep personal data safe and secure.

Making sure we have up to date contact details

When an appointment has been registered under the terms of the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) 2000 Act an appointed person must ensure that we are provided with up to date contact details.

These must be provided for the appointed person e.g. any attorney, guardian, intervener or withdrawer and also for the adult/granter concerned. Please tell us about a change of address.

This information is needed as we may need to write to you or the adult/granter at a future date. If we have not been notified of an address change the letter will be sent to a former address.