You and us

Our seminars and events

We are often asked to speak at events and attend meetings around the country to inform of our role and the options available for financial decision making under the AWI Act.

The majority of the outreach we provide are events or information sessions, either facilitated by us or where we are an active participant.

While we wish to offer an effective and comprehensive outreach service we need to ensure it makes optimal use of our resources in doing so. If you wish us to be involved in an event or to provide an information session, please send your request, detailing as much information as possible about the purpose of the event and numbers attending to:

This information will help us to assess how best we can help and if we can be involved.

Customer satisfaction

We engage with customers in a number of ways to find out how we are doing and what we need to do to improve. Customer feedback is important to us and helps us work towards getting things right. 


From time to time we run consultation exercises to find out what our customers think about the services we offer. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to participate in future consultations.

Examples of recent consultations:

  • October 2023 - Customer satisfaction survey
  • September 2023 - Customer satisfaction survey
  • September 2023 – Electronic power of attorney registration processes and improving communication survey
  • September 2023 – Power of attorney processes and improving communication survey
  • April 2023 – Review of the power of attorney amendment policy survey

Customer surveys

Survey work helps us find out more about the customers experience of our service and it lets us see where we are doing well and what we could do differently or better. This area of work is important and valuable to us and we appreciate the time taken to provide us with feedback.