You said we did

Here at OPG we do take seriously the views of people who use our service. We have changed our service as a result of people letting us know their experience. Here are examples of what changes we have made and those we have agreed to work on.

You Said We Did Date
You said that the way we process EPOAR refunds caused you difficulty when trying to identify individual refund payments in your credit card statement. We discussed this with you, reviewed and updated our processes.  As of 6 May, we will automatically process all refunds for EPOAR submissions within 5 working days, meaning that you can easily identify individual refunds and pay them to the correct client ledger. May 19
You said it would be more helpful if we had a specific Access to Funds (ATF) forms for organisations to complete. We agreed and our versions of our ATF1 and ATF2 forms are now available for organisations to complete. Apr 19
You said that our website didn't mention that a member of the Faculty of Advocates could sign the power of attorney schedule 1 or schedule 2 certificate. We reviewed our reasons for not providing this information on the website.  We agreed to include the information and will monitor any enquiries we receive looking for clarification around membership. Apr 19
You said that our process for accepting that an attorney was incapable was insufficient. We reviewed our processes and agreed.  We have updated our staff, staff training materials and website to state when medical evidence will be necessary to confirm when an attorney is incapable. Jan 19
You said that it wasn't clear that a fee exemption form had to be sent along with your PoA documentation for registration. We have now updated our fee exemption form guidance to make this clearer.  The relevant webpage has also been updated. Jan 19
You said that when using EPOAR that it wasn't clear that PoAs had to be scanned a certain way i.e. not upside down. We have updated our guidance to make it clear that PoAs need to be scanned the right way up. Nov 18
You said that the simplified account form wasn't activated to allow it to be completed automatically. We reviewed this and agreed. We have updated the version and checked that all text boxes are working. Sept 18