You said we did

Here at OPG we do take seriously the views of people who use our service. We have changed our service as a result of people letting us know their experience. Here are examples of what changes we have made and those we have agreed to work on.

You Said We Did Date
You wanted to be discharged from your role as financial guardian but did not know there was a time limit for the application to be made. We updated the information on the relevant web pages and added a new FAQ outlining the position. We also updated our guidance notes that accompany the discharge application form to confirm that a discharge application should be made within three years of the date when the final account was approved.  October 2023
The letters we send to a local authority did not provide the necessary information when substitute welfare attorneys begin acting as attorneys and that this was causing the local authority extra work. We reviewed the position and identified the relevant processes. We have updated our letters to include the key details of substitutes who now act as sole or joint attorneys. This information is provided to local authorities as per the requirements of the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000. September 2023 
Our website information was misleading as we were not clear about electronic PoA submissions taking longer than postal submissions to process. We have reviewed and updated the webpages to make our current processing times clearer. August 2023 
You were unclear whether to send a fee along with a fee exemption form. We have updated our letters, fee exemption form, accompanying guidance and the website to make it clear not to send a fee when claiming a fee exemption.  August 2023
You could not find our form to request a search of the public register. We have now added the form to the power of attorney forms and publications page.  February 2023