Access to Funds applications

Apr 24, 2020

The following has been agreed with regard to accepting electronic applications:

  • All ATF applications forms and guidance notes can be found on our website
  • The completed application can be accepted by email, where possible scan and send with signatures, if this is not possible the email will be sufficient as signature.
  • Supporting evidence should also be provided by email
  • Please include email addresses for all parties named in the application for intimation purposes
  • For new ATF1/ATF2 applications a scanned copy of the SSI51 and/or SSI79 Medical Certificate(s) or electronic version(s) from the GP will be acceptable.
  • The ATF fee, payment can be made by BACS, bank account number 00650476 sort code 83-20-32, please quote 'ATF' and the adult's surname or PG reference.

Please email to

The originals should be retained and submitted to the office, these and any already submitted will be returned when we are operationally in a position to do so.