PoAs to be processed this week

Jul 27, 2021

This week we will process the following PoAs:

  • Electronic (EPOAR) submissions received on 06 February 2021
  • Postal submissions received around 15 January 2021

An expedited registration service is available for PoAs that are to be processed urgently. The examples below outline the type of urgent situations that meet the criteria of this service.

  • has subsequently lost capacity and urgent decisions require to be made;
  • has been admitted to hospital and urgent action requires to be taken;
  • requires to be moved from hospital with a care package or into a care home;
  • is at risk of financial harm as they cannot act in their own interests to pay bills, care fees etc. or to undertake a financial assessment following release from hospital.

Please note that if an EPOAR submission is to be expedited, you must complete the full process including paying the fee before requesting the PoA is considered for expedited processing.