Duties as a financial intervener

If you are appointed as a financial intervener you will be expected to fulfil some administrative responsibilities:

  • Apply for caution, if the Sheriff has specified that caution is to be found. This will be clearly stated in your court order.
  • If you have been granted powers which relate to heritable property i.e. a house or land, you must register the details of the property with the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland. Your solicitor who helped with the application to the sheriff court will usually do this for you.
  • Submit a progress report of your actions on a regular basis to us. We will let you know how and when send the report.
  • Tell us about any changes to your own or the adult’s circumstances such as change of address or change of name.
  • If the adult passes away you should tell us as soon as possible and provide a copy of the death certificate.

For further information about the duties of the intervener please refer to the Code of Practice provided by the Scottish Government.

Keeping records

You will need to keep copies of all correspondence to support the decisions that you take and keep a record of your actions.  We do this to be satisfied that you are acting and progressing in terms of the order granted.

Who supervises welfare interveners?

Welfare guardians are supervised by the local authority in the area where the adult lives. The responsibility usually falls to the local social work department.