Welfare interveners

Once you have been appointed you will be issued with a copy of the court order, which will set out the powers that you have been given. We are also given a copy of the order and on receipt of this we will register your appointment. We will issue you with a certificate of appointment, along with a further copy of the court order. We will also notify the Mental Welfare Commission about your appointment.

It will be the responsibility of the local authority to supervise your appointment and give you guidance after this. If anyone has concerns about how a welfare guardian is using their powers, they should contact the local authority in the area where the adult lives or the Mental Welfare Commission for further information.

If there are any changes to the adult or your circumstances, such as a change of address, you must let us know. More information is available on what to tell us and how to let us know.

For further information and guidance refer to the Code of Practice provided by the Scottish Government