Financial interveners

The Public Guardian monitors the actions of interveners who have powers to deal with money and/or the property belonging to the adult. We do this based on the information you provide in the documentation you send to us. You will need to keep copies of all correspondence to support the decisions that you take and keep a record of your actions.  This is because we will ask you to provide a regular progress report.

What is a progress report?

A progress report is a written update from you, letting us know how you are getting on with the fulfilment of your powers which the Sheriff granted you. We are not looking for a hugely detailed report just enough to satisfy us that you are making progress with the powers you were given.

We normally ask for this every 3 to 6 months until the intervention order has been completed. However, in certain circumstances we may agree a different timeframe. We will let you know if this is the case.

What information may be requested in a progress report?

As all intervention orders differ, we will advise what information is required when we contact you. You should keep hold of all associated documentation such as paperwork and receipts for work you have carried out relating to the intervention order, as we may request to see this information.

For further information about the duties of the intervener please refer to the Code of Practice.

Other administrative duties

As a financial intervener you will be expected to fulfil some administrative responsibilities, such as:

  • If you have been granted powers which relate to heritable property i.e. a house or land, you must register the details of the property with the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland. Your solicitor who helped with the application to the sheriff court will usually do this for you.
  • Tell us about any changes to your own or the adult’s circumstances, such as change of address or change of name.
  • If the adult dies you should tell us as soon as possible and provide a copy of the death certificate.

For further information about the duties of the intervener please refer to the Code of Practice provided by the Scottish Government.