People involved

  • Applicant - person with an interest in making the application

  • Adult - person over 16 years who is incapable of managing their own affairs

  • Countersignatory - person who has known the applicant for more than 1 year who countersigns the application confirming the details are true and that the applicant is a fit and proper person to access the funds

  • Withdrawer - this is the name given to the person who the Public Guardian has given authority to

  • Relevant others - includes the nearest relative, named person, primary carer and any other person with an interest in the welfare and financial affairs of the adult (this could be a health or social work care manager)

  • Medical practitioner - medical doctor who is registered and licensed to practice in the UK

  • Fundholder - financial institution such as a bank or building society where the adult's funds are held