When is it NOT appropriate to apply for ATF?

The situations below outline when it would not be appropriate to make an application under the ATF scheme:

  • If the adult’s only income is derived from state pension and benefits and these sums are sufficient to meet their day to day living expenses. In these circumstances Department of Work & Pensions appointeeship should be applied for to deal with the adult’s ongoing financial needs (however ATF may be applied for at any time, for a one off lump sum payment from the bank account e.g. to pay arrears/ debts).     
  • When funds are held in a joint account.The remaining account holder should still be able to operate the account on behalf of the adult.     
  • If there are funds held in investments, bonds, stocks, shares, etc. and need to be managed. The authority granted under the ATF scheme is quite limited. If powers are needed to deal with or manage investments etc a guardianship or intervention order may need to be sought.     
  • If there are Self-Directed Support (SDS) payments – as these can only be managed by an attorney or guardian.     
  • If the funds requiring to be accessed are already being managed by a continuing attorney, financial intervener or financial guardian.