What you need to know before applying

The access to funds scheme would be suitable when the adult’s financial affairs are simple, e.g. paying for the adult’s day to day expenses such as gas, electricity, clothes, toiletries, food etc. It can also be used to request a lump sum to pay off any existing debts or to purchase specific items required by the adult.

 Here is a summary of what’s involved to help you get started

Information you will need to have to hand

Before making an application you will need to have information about the adult’s day to day needs, for example toiletries, clothing, food, utility bills. You should be starting to think about how much needs to be budgeted for.

You will also need to have information about the adult's account, for example:

  • that it is held in the adult's sole name;
  • details of the account number and sort code;
  • the type of account held e.g. current account. Check with the bank / building society that the account is suitable for the access to funds scheme.

If you do not have sufficient information about the adult's bank / building society account, you can make an application by using the appropriate form below. This could allow you to find out:

  • where the account is held;
  • the account details;
  • the balance of funds in the account; and
  • any other information needed to allow you to decide if the access to funds scheme is suitable.

Forms and guidance

Application form and guidance for organisations
Application form and guidance for individuals e.g. family member, friend etc.