Changes of circumstance

Change of address

Withdrawers must tell us about any change to their own or the adult’s address in writing within 7 days. Please ensure that you provide us with up to date contact details, see the data protection section for more information.

Death of the adult

You must tell us if the adult dies and send us a copy of the death certificate. The funds in the designated account form part of the adult’s estate and should be handed over to the Executor, or any other person entitled to receive the funds.

The adult’s estate becomes more complex

If the adult’s estate becomes more complex, e.g. the adult inherits money or property.  It may then be more appropriate for a financial guardian to be appointed. We recommend that you contact us if this is the case. Authority to access funds automatically comes to an end if a financial guardian is appointed with powers which cover management of the same funds. We will notify you if your authority comes to an end.

The adult regains capacity to manage their own funds

If this is the case either you or the adult must apply to terminate the authority as the grounds for you to access the adult’s funds no longer apply. We will need to see medical evidence to satisfy us that the adult is now capable of safeguarding their own funds.