Duties of the withdrawer

Being a withdrawer carries certain duties and you must take due skill and care when using your authority. You are in a position of trust and must not abuse your position, for example, by using the adult’s funds for your own benefit. You may be held liable to make good the adult’s losses. As part of your general duties you must keep the adult’s affairs confidential.  The Scottish Government provides a Code of Practice for those appointed under the access to funds scheme.

Keeping records

You are required by law to keep records of how you use the adult’s funds. It is important to do so because we may ask you, at any time, to send us a copy of your records. We suggest that you set up a folder to keep all of the information about your authority to access funds e.g. receipts and bank statements from the designated account. It is advisable that you maintain a written summary of payments made and the reason for them. We issue guidance and a form that can be used for your records and receipts.

Overdrawn accounts

You must not allow any of the accounts which you have authority over to become overdrawn. If you think this might happen, you should contact us straight away.

Changes to tell us about

You must tell us if your or the adult’s circumstances change. This also includes any changes to addresses.