Our role

The Public Guardian has been given statutory powers to supervise a financial guardian. Our duty is to ensure that all financial guardians act in the best interests of an adult with incapacity and carry out their duties properly within the scope of their powers. We also maintain a public register of guardianship orders granted.

To allow us to supervise, in most cases you will be expected to complete and submit the following documents:

If we are unable to fulfil our supervision role because a financial guardian will not provide us with information when requested, we may run an Experian check.

Further information of the range of duties of a financial guardian is available. A fee might be required for some of the services we provide. There are certain circumstances where you might be entitled to a fee exemption.

We also have a role to investigate circumstances where there are concerns raised about the actions of a financial guardian.

The Code of Practice issued by the Scottish Government provides further information and guidance about the duties of a guardian.