Types of powers

The types of decisions that are to be taken on behalf of the adult will determine the powers that you might need, such as:

  • Financial - powers in relation to the finances and property belonging to the adult.
  • Welfare - powers in relation to making welfare decisions for the adult.
  • Combination of financial/property and welfare - powers, if required can be applied for separately but generally they are made together within the same application to the sheriff court.

How much will it cost?

When applying there are various costs involved: court fees for the application and possibly fees for the medical reports. There may also be legal fees if you employ a solicitor to help with your application to the court.

We also charge a fee to register the order once the application is granted. If you applying for financial powers fees may be charged throughout your appointment. We do offer a fee exemption scheme for certain circumstances.

Once you are appointed we will charge fees for various services we provide.  Our fee schedule tells you more about this.

Can I apply for legal aid?

Civil legal aid might be available to help with the legal costs of making the application. For more information contact Scottish Legal Aid Board.

What are the responsibilities of a financial guardian?

Financial guardians will have certain administrative responsibilities to fulfil. The first year of financial guardianship is likely to be time consuming, as there are specific administrative tasks that you will need to complete. By taking on the role of financial guardian you will be accepting this responsibility and it is therefore important that you consider if you have the time and ability to commit to the appointment.