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How do I make a submission?

Before a power of attorney (PoA) can be used it must be registered with us. You can send your documentation to us via EPOAR or by post.

EPOAR online facility

When using the online facility, known as EPOAR it is important that you read the guidance notes first. We can process your PoA more quickly if you use our online service.

When using EPOAR, you will need to upload the following documents and  pay the registration fee by debit or credit card:

  1. A PDF of the signed PoA, no larger than 2mb, incorporating a completed certificate of capacity (known as schedule 1).
  2. The following guidance will help to ensure that your document meets EPOAR requirements:
  • A header area of at least 3.5 cm is required. Nothing should be entered in the header area as our software inserts the unique PG reference number and unique certificate number in here.
  • A footer area of at least 3.5cm is required. Nothing should be entered in the footer area as our software inserts wording about certifying the document and page numbers.
  • No page numbers should be inserted on the template before submission.
  • The signed PoA with the completed certificate of capacity should be scanned and the TIF file converted to a PDF.
  • The PDF must not exceed 2MB and the page size no larger than 8.27×11.69in.
  • Please check that the documents are scanned the right way up i.e. not upside down.
  • Please ensure the documents are legible and are fed into your scanner in alignment and that there are no unwanted lines on the scanned image as this image will be reproduced with the certificate on authorisation.
  • Take care to upload the correct document to EPOAR.

If you would like us to check your PoA template for compatibility, e-mail us:


PoA doc signing


Schedule form pic

There is no need to complete and submit a separate registration form when using EPOAR as this only applies to postal submissions.

Postal submission

You can send the documents to us by post, however, it will take us longer to process your PoA by this service. If you need us to process your documentation more quickly due to urgent circumstances, we can provide a priority service, but you should first of all consider using the EPOAR service.

If submitting by post, you will need to send the following documents to us along with the registration fee:

1.Your signed PoA document

PoA doc signing

   2. A completed certificate of capacity

Schedule form pic

   3. A completed registration form

      reg form pic