Access EPOAR

Step 1 - Getting started

Register to use EPOAR

To use EPOAR you will need to register as a user. Both members of the public and professionals can register. Members of the public should read our registration guidance to get started. Once registered, you can login to EPOAR and input the details of your PoA, see step 2. Professionals please see the guidance below.

Registration guidance for professionals

Terms & conditions

Before you can use EPOAR you must agree to our terms & conditions which govern the use of the EPOAR system. These have contractual effect between us and each agent i.e. a professional sender and are governed by the law of Scotland.

We recommend that you read our guidance when using EPOAR.

Register to use EPOAR

We recognise that professionals are likely to be regular users of EPOAR. With this in mind we have included additional functions. Here is a summary of the initial steps involved in registering to use EPOAR and a link to the relevant guidance.

a person within the firm with sufficient authority must do this and agree to the terms and conditions above. You will need to tell us who will be your agent administrator. The agent administrator has additional functions and can set up new users on EPOAR, unlock user accounts, add or amend user details, as well as make submissions on EPOAR.
The agent administrator can create user accounts for the staff in your firm who will be using EPOAR. This is straight forward and allows you to tell us the details of the user and the role you want them to have i.e. 'agent administrator' or 'agent data entry'. We recommend that you set up more than 1 agent administrator, as this is can be useful if you are out of the office or have locked yourself out of your EPOAR account. Once a new user has been set up we will send an email with log in details to access EPOAR. On the first visit to EPOAR users will be prompted to change your password.
Where a user is likely to be frequently in the role of sender or attorney, we recommend that you complete the template to save you time. Having the template means the user doesn’t need to complete their contact details each time they make a submission.

Once the above has been completed, you are now ready to move to step 2 - input the people details of the PoA in EPOAR.

More information is available in the FAQ section