Updating your power of attorney (PoA)

Making a change to a registered PoA from 30th October 2023

The process has been simplified to make the registration process simpler, as well as the operation of the PoA more straight forward for the attorney and the registered deed easier to interpret.  

Therefore from 30 October 2023 only simple administrative updates may be made to a registered PoA. This covers straight forward administrative updates which do not change the original information contained in the PoA document. These updates relate to the records we hold on our system. For example, if the granter or attorneys etc. change their name or address, or if there is a spelling error of a name an administrative update should be made.

If you wish to make significant alterations to a registered PoA, which either requires a certificate of capacity or the production of a new certificate of registration, then a fresh PoA deed should be submitted for registration. Significant alterations would include adding an attorney, substitute attorney or adding powers.

Telling us about an administrative update 

If you wish to make an administrative update you will need to provide us with written details of the change that is to be made. It is very important that our records are kept up to date and that you tell us if the granter or any attorney changes address. We provide a form if you are telling us about a change of address. We do not charge a fee for this service.

When we receive notification we will update our system to record the change and issue a letter confirming the change. This will become effective on the date it’s registered by us.

Administrative updates or full deeds of amendment signed before 30th October 2023

Simple administrative updates or full deeds of amendment signed by a granter before 30th October 2023 will continue to be accepted and processed in line with our PoA Amendment Policy 2012.