A fee might be required for some of the services we provide. The fee for power of attorney is due at the time you send your documents to us. There are certain circumstances where you might be entitled to a fee exemption. If applying for a fee exemption, you will need to send your documentation to us by post and not through the EPOAR facility.

Methods of Payment

  • We will accept cheques made payable to the 'Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service'.
  • We can also accept payment by debit or credit card when a submission is made electronically via the EPOAR facility. However, please note that we cannot accept this type of payment for postal submissions.
  • If you are coming to the office to pay your fee by cash, please bring the exact fee amount as we do not keep cash or change in the office. 


Title Description Fee
Submitting of a power of attorney document for registration Submission of a document conferring a continuing and / or welfare power of attorney under section 19 of the Act. £85
Deed of Amendment Registration of a deed of amendment (subscribed before 30 October 2023) to a continuing or welfare power of attorney under section 19 of the Act. £85
 Partial Revocation Partial revocations subscribed on and after 30 October 2023  £85
Duplicate or Replacement Certificate (includes both the Public Guardian's certificate and a bound copy of the power of attorney document) Provision of a duplicate or replacement certificate issued under section 19(2) of the Act with a copy of the power of attorney document. This only applies to powers of attorney registered manually and not electronically.

(Please note that if there are more than 10 pages in the document, an additional 50p per page applies)
Audit of Accounts Audit of accounts submitted by a continuing attorney under section 20(2)(b) of the Act. £132