Telling us about changes 

We must be informed in writing or by e-mail of any changes.

When contacting us please quote your case reference number which can be found on your certificate or on our correspondence. The reference will start with the letters PG. If you do not have the PG reference to hand, you will need to provide the following details:

  • Name, address and date of birth of the granter
  • Details of the change you wish to notify us about
  • Your contact details
  • If advising us of a death we will need to see a copy of the death certificate

Examples of changes

Attorneys must inform of any changes, such as:

  • A granter or any attorney changes address - please ensure that you provide us with up to date contact details, see the data protection section for more information.
  • granter or attorney dies
  • A granter or attorney changes name due to marital status
  • A granter or continuing attorney has been declared bankrupt or is subject to a protected trust deed
  • Any event which results in the termination of the PoA
  • Any attorney wishes to resign
  • Any attorney becomes incapable – please see below for more information

An attorney becomes incapable

If an attorney becomes incapable we will need to be notified in writing. We can accept notification without a medical opinion from:  

  • The granter
  • Solicitor
  • Local authority mental health officer or social worker

However, if a joint or any substitute attorney or the attorney’s representative notifies us of the position, we will require a medical opinion to confirm the attorney’s incapacity.
We appreciate that there may be circumstances where a medical opinion cannot be produced. If this should happen we will write to the attorney to advise that we have been notified of their incapacity and allow 21 days for them to make representation if they disagree.