Case Study 1

Young person to adult transition and need for PoA as needs supported decision making

Gerry is a 19 year old young man who has capacity. He needs some help to communicate his decisions and he does this via a mechanical aid. Gerry has a physical disability and this can hinder him getting to the shops, bank, hospital etc.

Gerry has been named as a beneficiary in Wills belonging to several family members. He is in receipt of benefits and currently lives at home. It is likely that he will move into a residential establishment in the future and will need some help with making decisions. He has given much thought to making a power of attorney.

He wants the people he trusts to have legal authority so they can make decisions on his behalf about his financial affairs and general welfare if needed. He has asked his sister and brother in law to be his attorneys as they know him best and have spent lots of time with him over the years. Gerry has drafted a letter which states his wishes and preferences about his diet, place of residence, activities he takes part in as well as how his money should be managed and the money he needs to allow him to continue with his hobbies and interests. The letter will be given to his attorneys to help them be mindful of his wishes and preferences.

Gerry has asked for his local solicitor to visit him at home to help him draft his PoA.